A new business park right at the edge of Väo junction. Construction is in full swing!

About Väo Äripark

Väo Äripark is a new business park located right at the Väo intersection. The 5.5 hectare development is located next to the highway connecting Tallinn roundabout with Peterburi road in the direction of Narva.

Six commercial buildings with the total area of 21,300 m² will be constructed in the business park. The buildings consist of rentable warehouse, production and office premises aka stock-office type units suitable for medium and large companies.

Väo Äripark is growing with your business – you can always rent additional space in neighbouring buildings or move to a larger space in the same area where you have already settled. All the leasable premises of the Väo Äripark are multi-purposed, which means that a your company can work with us to develop a commercial space that exactly meets your needs.

The buildings have a B energy label, which ensures an optimal relationship between environmentally friendly solutions and low ancillary costs (the average of Favorte’s lease portfolio in 2023 was 1.7 eur/m2). The roofs of all buildings are filled with solar panels, which produce green energy at full capacity, which can be used by the tenants of the building without grid fees. For more economic transport oppurtunities, we will install numerous charging spots for electrical cars, bike holders and guarantee a pedestrian friendly environment inside the business district. In addition, thanks to the reconstruction of Väo intersection, over three kilometres of sidewalks were built around Väo Äripark. In the future, there will be a new city bus line operating right through the business park, until then, you can use Pirita jõgi bus stop at Peterburi road.

All companies that want to take advantage of the logistic opportunities of the most important transport hub in Estonia for the development of their business are welcome to open their doors at Väo Äripark. 

General Information

  • Developer: Favorte OÜ
  • Build-up plots: 6
  • Built-up area: 54 700 m²
  • Commercial rental area (gross): 21 300 m²

The first building will be ready: 2024 III quarter 

Väo Äripark

All commercial buildings at Väo Äripark are part of the Favorte Stock trademark.

Jõesaare 14
Rentable area: 4897,6 m²
Has a construction permit

Plaasi 4
Rentable area: 3470,7 m²
Construction is in full swing!
Ready in Q3 2024
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Plaasi 2
Rentable area: 2254,2 m²
Construction is in full swing!
Ready in Q1 2025
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Jõesaare 1
Planned gross area: 1200 m²

Jõesaare 3
Rentable area: 3488,9 m²
Has a construction permit

Jõesaare 10
Rentable area: 2547,9 m²
Has a construction permit
Rent the whole building!
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Stock-office concept

Commercial premises of the buildings consist of warehouse and production spaces, as well as office and retail spaces. This way, you can keep all your business-related activities in one place and, if you wish, at the same time host customers or partners. Plus, you save on time and logistics costs!

The size of commercial spaces start from 400 square meters. All units can be connected to each other or combined according to the needs of your company. We also offer the opportunity to build a whole building for a single company.

Based on our experience, we have developed a floor plan that ensures an efficient work organization. However, if you want to move partitions or doors, we can come up with a new space solution together. The share of warehouse and office space in the rented area can also be changed.

All commercial spaces are built using high quality materials and equipped with modern technical systems to ensure a comfortable and healthy working environment and low ancillary costs.


Väo Äripark is located right next to the freshly reconstructed Väo junction, at the intersection of Tallinn-Narva highway and the Tallinn roundabout, on the banks of the Pirita River. Väo junction is the most important transport crossroad in Estonia, through which most of the international and domestic road freight transport passes, since the transport intersection connects the ports of Tallinn, Paldiski and Muuga with international highways. By opening your business in Väo Äripark, you can avoid manoeuvring on small streets and quickly and comfortably go to your destination along four-lane roads.

According to the Estonian Transport Administration (Transpordiamet), about 49,000 vehicles pass through the Väo junction every day and their number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. This is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself on the buildings of Väo Äripark with illuminated advertising for more than 50,000 pairs of eyes and potential clients in just one day!

Peterburi road, which expands in front of Väo Äripark, has always been valued by various companies, including those providing ancillary services to storage and manufacturing companies (for example, sales, repair and maintenance of trucks and heavy equipment). Thus, it is a renowned business district where the location has paid off for hundreds of companies.

The largest district in Tallinn – Lasnamäe – as well as Maardu settlement are located next to the business park, which makes it easier to find new employees and clients. A total of 140,000 people live in the immediate vicinity, plus all passing potential customers. The pedestrian-friendly business park and bicycle storage facilities allow local residents to get to Väo Äripark on foot, by bike or by car if they wish. In the future, its own bus route will pass through Väo Äripark, but for now there is a bus stop “Pirita River” 300 meters from the buildings.

Due to the construction of the Väo traffic intersection, the area around Väo Äripark was also modernized – a petrol station, more than three kilometres of pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as smart parking for trucks and touring vehicles were be built. Parking information boards will provide drivers with information, for example, about the time it takes to arrive at the port so that the trip can be started on time. The construction of Väo junction’s new roadways was finished in October 2021. A Rail Baltic railway line is also planned in this area.


Points of Interest

  • Peterburi tee – 1 min
  • Tallinna ring road – 1 min
  • Laagna tee – 1 min
  • Vana-Narva mnt industrial area – 4 min
  • Suur-Sõjamäe road – 7 min
  • Airport – 15 min
  • Muuga port – 12 min
  • Paldiski port – 58 min
  • Tartu mnt – 10 min
  • Bus stop Pirita jõgi – 300 m
  • City centre – 20 min
  • Ülemiste – 11 min

Väo Äripark is growing with your business – you can always rent additional space in neighbouring buildings or move to a larger space in the same area where you have already settled.

Modern working conditions: rental box-based heating and cooling, ventilation, security solutions, and a separate entrance to the rented premises.

All commercial buildings are designed in such a way that the building can be served from multiple sides by virtue of wide paved and lighted areas, which provides convenient loading and manoeuvring possibilities.

Each company is provided with parking on site.
There is enough space for both employees and clients.

Access to Väo Äripark with large trailer trucks is guaranteed.

Energy-efficient buildings and low ancillary costs. 

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